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    FINDLAY'S RIDGE is an "A" circuit Hunter, Jumper, Equitation Show Stable based in North Salem, NY and spends the winters in Wellington FL. We focus on training the hors and rider to compete at the National and International levels. Investment and sale horses are also a large part of our business.


     We are available to students of all levels of riding however, students must own or lease a horse. Findlay's Ridge is a full servic barn but we encourage our students to be horsemen as well as riders and believe it is an essential part of the development of a rider. Each rider receives extensive training on flatwork and over low jumps to develop a secure, balanced and effective position with emphasis on feel and flexibility.


    We provide the ultimate in care, conditioning and training for each horse as an individual. Turn out and walking on the treadmill is part of the daily routine to help maintain the fitness level necessary to minimize risk of injury. Our veterinarians, blacksmiths, equine dentists and physical therapists are among the best in their fields. We strive to ensure that each horse is relaxed, happy and physically comfortable to bring them to their maximum potential.

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